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York County, Adams County and Lancaster County Tree Services

With services ranging from stump grinding to tree trimming and removal, Affordable Tree Services by Rogers & Son has the professional staff you need to keep your treescape healthy, vibrant and looking great! We do it all for both residential and commercial clients in York County, Adams County and Lancaster County. We help compliment beautiful and personalized landscape designs and our work is sure to impress!

Our full range of tree services includes:

  • excavation
  • back hoe
  • septic system
  • skid loader
  • dump trucks
  • drainage problems

We sell firewood

Available year round and between the months of March and August it is at a discounted price.

We specialize in dead or dangerous trees as well, and will make sure that your house, vehicles family and friends safe from potentially dangerous situations. We work hard for your yearlong! Call us today at 717-292-7978; we’re available 24/7 for emergency requests!

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